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​A 14 year old songwriter, Elizabeth has been singing for as long as she can remember. She began to play the ukulele at age 6 when the guitar she wanted to play was too difficult for her little hands to manage. Whenever an instrument was in her hands she was singing some song or tune. She started writing down her own songs at age 9. Elizabeth believes that when singers tell a story those are the best songs. She loves on-camera acting and being on the stage. She enjoys all kinds of music and loves singing and dancing to the radio with her friends.

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When Elizabeth recorded her first songs she was joined by he brother Aidan and their friend Ben Patsalos. 


Ben Patsalos, 19, began his percussion career at age 7 playing conga and bongo drums. He started teaching himself drums at age 11. He loves listening to rap music but his favorite music to play drums to is funk and hip hop. Ben is a freshman at The Fashion Institute of Technology. 


Aidan, 19 began playing the violin at age 6. He also plays piano, saxophone, and bass guitar. He plays both classical and contemporary music. He was the 1st Place winner at the NYS Fiddle Competition three years in a row. He is inspired by all kinds of music. Aidan is a freshman at Cornell University.